Hey, I'm Kyra!

And just in case you didn't know, it's pronounced like "Shakira" without the Sha-

I'm a Minnesota based photographer and I've been photographing professionally for the last three years. I recently found some photos I took of my sister "modeling" for me when I was seven, but I'll save myself the embarrassment of digging those up again. 

I married my husband Erik in 2019, when we secretly eloped to Iceland! We will definitely be going back - it is the most beautiful place I've ever been. We decided to elope not because we don't love our family (we are actually super close to our families) but because we wanted something that was 10000% authentically *us* and it was the most amazing experience!


We later (almost a month later, actually) had our big "wedding" up in Duluth. Only a few family members knew that we had eloped! We still had a ceremony and an incredible reception, and it was honestly the best day because we were already married and just got to enjoy each other and our guests! If you're kicking around the idea of eloping but still want to have a meaningful experience with your loved ones, let's grab a glass of wine and chat ;)

When I'm not taking pictures (which isn't very often) I'm usually eating cheese, hanging out with my pups, or spending time with family. My dream is to mostly (or fully) focus on elopements and small weddings and be able to spend the entire weekend with my couples to capture their love story! If that sounds like something you want for your wedding story, send me a message and let's get planning!!


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